Where In The World Is Milford?
Internet Scavenger Hunt
Created By Mrs. Dingman September 2001
Updated January 2008
Photos of Milford and Pike County signs courtesy of Pike County Chamber of Commerce
Directions: Visit the web sites listed below. Answer all questions, using complete sentences. Do not use pronouns in the first sentence of each answer, unless you are referring to yourself. Record your answers on your activity sheet. Good Luck!
1. Pike County, PA History

* A county seat is where lawmakers meet from a certain county. Where is the County Seat located in Pike County?

* What year was the original Courthouse built?

* What year was Milford Township created? Who was the founder?

* People do not always agree on how the town of Milford got its name. What are the two explanations this web site gives for how Milford was named?

2. Pike County Area Attractions

* There are lots of fun things to do and see in our county. Using information from this web page, tell about 2 different outdoor activities you could do with your family or friends. Include the kind of outdoor activity and where you could find it.

3. Pike County Chamber of Commerce Map and Directions

* Look at the county map. Using intermediate directions, explain in what part of Pike County Milford is located.

* What township is located to the northwest of Milford?

* What township is located to the west of Milford?

* What river flows along the eastern border of Pike County?

4. 2000 Municipal Demographic Profiles

Click "Pike" County
Go To Page 9 of this report

* In 2000, the number of people living in Pike County was counted. This is called a census. What was the total population living in Milford in the year 2000?

5. Diamond State Data Services

Click on "Pike County"

* In 1850, a census was also taken, counting the number of people living in Pike County. How many individuals were living in Milford Township in the year 1850?

* How many more people lived in Milford in the year 2000 than in the year 1850? Please use the space provided on your activity sheet to show your work. Label your solution!

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This activity aligns with the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards:
7.1.5 Basic Geographic Literacy     7.2.5 Physical Characteristics of Places and Regions
7.3.5 Human Characteristics of Places and Regions              8.2.5 Pennsylvania History
1.8.5 Research     3.7.5 Technological Devices