Mrs. Dingman's Favorite Math Links
Puzzlemaker- Discovery Channel School
Quia! Create Your Own Learning Activities
Flashcards for Kids
Fairbanks Country Day- CourseServer
Yahooligans School Bell Math
         This page was created to provide resources for children, parents, and teachers. The sites listed can provide extra skill practice, remediation, and/or enrichment. I hope you enjoy visiting my favorite Math links. This page will always be "under construction", so I hope you will visit often!
This page was last updated on: July 15, 2006
A+ Math
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Flashcard Practice
Online Math Games
AAA Math for Third Grade
Basic Rounding
Buy It With the Little Farmer
Change Maker
Click on Bricks- Multiplication Facts 1-4
Discovering Elapsed Time
Interactive Multiplication Games
Guess the Number
Math Baseball
Math Activities Online for Kids
Math Journey
Money Magic
Online Math Games
Place Value Game
Power Football
Read the Number Cookie Dough Game
Tic Tac Toe Squares
Word Problem Practice
4B and the Evilest Wizard of Math Story Problems
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Aunty Math- Math Challenges for K-5 Students
Brain Teasers
Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles
Elementary Problem of the Week
House of Math Word Problems for Children
Create Your Own
Free Worksheets and Activities to Print
for Home and Classroom Use
Free Arithmetic Worksheets from S & S Software
Math Worksheets
RHL School Free Math Computation Worksheets
RHL School Free Math Problem-Solving Worksheets
SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
Tutorial World Free 3rd Grade Math Worksheets
Other Math Resources
Room 108 Math- Operation Fact Practice
Room 108 Number Sliders- Order Practice
Measure It!
Place Value Puzzler
Harcourt Brace Multimedia Math Glossary (1-8)
Math Fact Cafe
MathNet 4 Kids Project (K-8)
Rounding to the Nearest 10
Rounding to the Nearest 100
Addition Basic Fact (0-9) Practice
Multiplication Basic Fact (0-9) Practice
What's The Order Least to Greatest Game
Comparing Numbers Game- Using <, >, =
Basic Operations Fact Practice
Comparing & Ordering Numbers
Create Online Games, Printable Puzzles, and More!
Place Value
Least or Greatest?
Numbers and Number Words
Expanded Form Game
Place Value- Six Digit Numbers
Before, Between, or After?
Mystery Picture- Numbers & Number Words
Comparing Four Digit Numbers
Compare It!
Lemonade Larry
Mega Maze
Seashell Rounding to the Nearest 10
The Table Trees
Multiplication Countdown
Farm Stand
Flashcard Exchange
Multiplication Webquest
Create a Graph
Tangram Puzzles
Tangram Challenge
Ladybug Rectangles
Ladybug Maze
Geometric Solids
Triangles- Interactive Geoboard
Special Student & Teacher Discount Available
Clocks Memory Matching Game
Stop the Clock- 5 Minute Intervals
Stop the Clock- to the Minute
Addition Pyramid
Beat the Time Match time words to an analog clock face
Partners in Time Match the analog to the digital time
Counting Change
Elapsed Time