Directions: Visit the web sites below and answer the questions that follow.  Use complete sentences for your answers, or note-taking form when needed.  Record your answers on the activity sheet you've been given. Good Luck!!

1. What is Soil? Bureau of Land Management Just for Kids
* What is soil?
* From what is soil made?

2. The Dirt on Soil
* According to this web site, what's the difference between soil and dirt?
* What two things live at the ground level?
* What is topsoil sometimes called?
* What do decomposers do in topsoil?
* What two things can bring bedrock to the surface?

3. Bill Nye the Science Guy- Nye Labs Episode Guide "Rocks and Soil" Episode 44
Click "Rocks and Soil" under "Earth Science"
* Point your mouse over the words “The BIG Idea”. What are the two ideas shown here?
* From what is glass made?
* Fill in the table on your activity sheet to show the three kinds of rocks and how each is formed.
* When soil is formed, what three things are given a great new place to live?

Soil Detective... What's In There Anyway?
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