Rainforest Habitat Internet Scavenger Hunt
Created By Mrs. Dingman
April 2002
Updated July 2011
Directions: Visit the web site listed below and answer the questions that follow. Record your answers on your activity sheet, using complete sentences for all your answers, unless the question asks you to do something else. Do not use a pronoun to begin your answer unless you are referring to yourself.

All About Rainforests

* What is a rainforest?

* This web site describes 2 reasons why plants are very important to Earth's ecology. What are these 2 reasons?

* Different animals and plants live in different parts of the rainforest. Using information from this web site, fill in the table on your activity sheet. Use the table's column headings to guide you.

* What is the temperature like in a rainforest?

* Using a bulleted list, name 5 foods that come from the rainforests.
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