Ocean Habitat Internet Scavenger Hunt
Created By Mrs. Dingman
April 2002
Updated July 2011
Directions: Visit each of the web sites listed below and answer the questions that follow. Record your answers on your activity sheet, using complete sentences for all your answers. Do not use pronouns in the first sentence of each answer, unless you are referring to yourself. 

1. Learn About Biomes

* Click on the word "Ocean". How many years ago does this web site say life began on Earth?

* How much of the Earth's surface is covered by water?

* What are the names of the four main oceans?

* Click "Interesting Facts". Which ocean is the largest? What does this ocean's name mean?

* Which ocean is the busiest? Why?

* Which ocean is the coldest?

* Click "Animals". What is the special name given to animals that live in the ocean?

2. Biomes/Habitats

* Click "To find out why oceans are salty". In your own words, explain why oceans are salty.

* What causes ocean waves?

* Click the Back button. Click on any ocean animal. Making sure to use its name in your sentences, tell what the animal eats, what it looks like and two other interesting facts you read about this animal.

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