This page was created to provide resources for extra skill practice, remediation, or enrichment activities for children, parents, and teachers. I hope you enjoy visiting my favorite Language Arts links. Please come back and visit often as I continue to look for helpful activities to add to the list!
This page was last updated on: July 15, 2006
Puzzlemaker- Discovery Channel School
Yahooligans School Bell Language Arts
Quia! Create Your Own Learning Activities
Language Arts Worksheets
Free School Worksheets in English
E Pals Classroom Exchange
World of Reading
Easy Type- free web-based typing tutorial
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Touch Typing
Online Games and Tutorials
Grammar Games Online
2Bee or Nottoobee Verb Game
Grammar Blast
Grammar Gorilla
Homonym Madness
Homophone Games A-L
Homophone Games M-Z
Singular and Plural Nouns
The Plural Girls
Wacky Web Tales
Word Confusion Homophone Game
Free Worksheets and Activities to Print for Home and Classroom Use
Reading Comprehension Worksheets
Reading Practice Selections By Grade
Create Your Own
Word Searches, Online Games, Crossword Puzzles and More!
Alphabetical Order
Online Games
Connect the Dots Alphabetizing Game
Order Me Around Alphabetizing Game
Other Resources
A Feast of Homonyms
Irregular Verbs
Author Resources
Author Study Index- Scholastic
Authors and Illustrators on the Web
Web Links to Children's Authors and Illustrators
Yahooligans Author Directory
Children's Literature Web Guide Write to Your Favorite Author
Kids Domain Typing Programs Links
Adjectives That Compare Using "er" endings
Homophone Fun Online
Practice Using Words That Sound Alike, But Have Different Meanings and Spellings
S.C.O.R.E. CyberGuides
WordMasters Analogies Challenge Grades 3-12
Special Student & Teacher Discount Available
Mrs. Dingman's Favorite
Language Arts Links
Verbs- Choose the Correct Form
Linda's Links to Literature
Reading Worksheets
Syllables Factory
Making Sentences
Wall of Words  building sentences
Noun Review
Types of Text