Finding Out About Fossils
Internet Scavenger Hunt
created by Mrs. Dingman August 2000
updated January 2012
Directions: Visit the web sites below and answer the questions that follow. Record your answers on your activity sheet, using complete sentences, unless the directions explain you should do something else. Good Luck!!

1. Bill Nye the Science Guy- Nye Labs Episode Guides "Fossils"
Scroll to "Living Things" and click "Fossils"

* Position your mouse over the words "The BIG Idea". What are the three important ideas explained here?
* How does a fossil form?
* List the four different types of fossils.
* What three things can scientists find out about life millions of years ago from fossils?

2. Royal Ontario Museum- "Fossils! Behind the Scenes at the Museum"

* How is the term "evolution" explained by this web site?
* By studying living animals and how they live, what can scientists better understand?
* Before leaving this web site, play the Fossil Matching Game. How many fossils did you identify correctly? What did you enjoy about this game?

3. "Fossils: Life of the Past"

* What is the special name given to people who are interested in fossils?
* What do these scientists do?
* What are two ways fossils may be discovered according to this web site?
* According to this web site, about 65 million years ago, why did all the dinosaurs die?

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