Desert Biomes Internet Scavenger Hunt
Created By Mrs. Dingman
April 2002
Updated December 2013
2002-2013 Caryn Dingman
Directions: Visit each of the web sites listed below and answer the questions that follow. Record your answers on your activity sheet, using complete sentences for all your answers. Do not use a pronoun to begin your answer sentence unless you are referring to yourself.

1. Enchanted Learning- Biomes and Habitats

* How does this web site describe what a desert is like? 

* What three things do desert animals have to cope, or deal with because they live in a desert? 

* What do some desert animals do to escape the daytime heat in a desert? 

* How do many desert animals get water? 

2. Types of Deserts

Click "Types of Deserts" on the left side of the screen

* What are the two kinds of deserts? Click on each kind. What is different about the main form of precipitation in each of them? 

* Click "Desert Animals" found on the left side of the page. Choose one animal from the list and click on its name. In your own words, write four interesting facts about the animal, making sure to include its name in your first sentence. 

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